Our Story

It all began back in 500 AD, in Palermo, Italy. Artemis Pizzatola, a craftsman was tired of eating the same bland vegetables and fruits every day. He decided to do something about it and began to search for a way to make them flavorful and fun! In his workshop he designed a small metal mold that held a thin wooden stick in the center. In his cucina he combined healthful, tasty ingredients like fresh local fruits, exotic herbs, spices, and wholesome dairy products. He stuck the mold in his ice box not knowing what to expect. Several hours later – voila, the world’s first popsicle was born! From across the land people came to see Artemis and taste his wonderful pops!

Artemis’s pop recipes were handed down from generation to generation until they finally met the loving hands of Donna Tortorice and her son, who decided to take the pops to the world bigger and better than ever before! They experimented with new flavor combinations and expanded the varieties of flavors to create a unique brand of specialty pops they called, "Pop Craft”, named after the Father of Pops, Artemis Pizzatola, the Craftsman!

Okay, we made up that fun, innocent story, but it goes to prove that we believe these are the best, handcrafted pops out there. They're not "sugar water" like many other pops you find scattered around. There are no artificial preservatives, additives, or corn syrup. In the spirit of Artemis, we use locally sourced fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and whole fresh milk products. Our innovative and quirky flavor combinations burst in your mouth like no other pop, providing for a fun and flavorful taste experience. The pops are a delightful treat you can feel confident about eating as a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

We are passionate about what we create every day and always have our friends, neighbors and community in mind in all that we do. We invite you to stop by our shop and say hello. If you’re lucky, we may even have new flavors for you to sample! Or go online and learn about what special events are happening in your area. Chances are we’ll be there with all sorts of your favorite yummy pops!



We offer vegan and gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free options.
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